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To a Tropical River Walking Adventure!
woman of the aterfallwaterfall
Our friend near one of our favorite nearby falls.

baby friendly
Don't worry, baby and child friendly.
Our Rio Tranquilo has many moods, most are quite user friendly as witnessed below.
(please click every picture for a larger one)

boat boy  boys n toys in the river    boys n toys n river
We always use common sense and close child supervision whenever around bodies of water, anywhere, but still manage to have great fun adventure!
our stone stair, shown leading up from our pool...
rock stairs

Travis loves to guide people beyond our 'backyard' swim hole too, many different flavors of adventure await... opportunities abound, maybe even a tastey meal~
fish camp   fish dinner   party at swim hole!
Come wander around with us, feel free to jump in!
jumping falls

river walking  river walking falls  river view

river walking  river walking  river walking

river walking  river walking  river walking

river walking  river picture taking

water view   water view  water view

river walk swim  tree trunks  tree trunk

  falls view falls contemplation  falls view 2

falls down look

falls creek  falls creek 2  falls close up

river slide!  river slide 2!

river falls view  river view more

Travis at falls

Travis at falls 2

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