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To a truly unique Costa Rica Treehouse Experience.

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Nearby Village
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Located near the mountain village of Quebrada Grande
Nandayure, Guanacaste, in Costa Rica.
An awesome view filled 45 minutes drive to the ocean beaches of Playa Coyote,
Bejuco, San Miguel. An hour away from Carmona Nandayure.
We can arrange to pick you up from Carmona, or from the beach side Puerto Coyote area,
for a small fee added to reservation. We must be notified well in advance of your arrival.
The nearest airports are Liberia Guanacaste, and the capitol of Costa Rica,  San Jose.
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$60 a night includes breakfast, $20 each for additional adult (fits four comfortably).
Lunch and dinner available, ask for rates.
Foods we provide can include but are not limited to both meat and fish, vegetables and seasonal fruit.
We are happy to accommodate special diets, just ask! 

more exterior view Contact in writing:
Travis Garnier
Rio Tranquilo
Quebrada Grande
Nandayure, Guanacaste
Costa Rica

tel.# 001 (506) 8594-1932

or try through
u.s.a. tel.# 541-592-2208
exterior view

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